Virginia International Raceway



Carrera GT Chase and Pass

Carrera GT Pass #1

 "Conversation with Ted"

VIR Passing

911 Spank

Close Shave

Porsche Conga Line

VIR Chase Ted and Fred

Pass Ted Half Lap

Z06 Chase and Pass

Z06, 911 Pass

Z06 Pass



Music Videos

VIR Porsche Carrera GT Chase and Pass

VIR Rat Pack

VIR Ozzy

VIR Kansas

VIR Dr. Bones


Slip Sliding Away!

VIR Spin

Loose Turn 1

Loose Turn 3



Event Photo's

Damian and Bruce at VIR November, 2005

Bruce dogs Porsche Carrera GT

"Doooood, you passed THIS car?!?"

VIR track action

3 wild horses at VIR

Paddock at Sunset

VIR Action

VIR Action

The Three Track Ho's

Flying Fred

Bruce, Damian and Fritz

Thumbs Up!!!